Anna de Jong, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland &
Annelie Sjölander Lindqvist, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Keywords: Gastronomy, tourism, heritage, regional development, rurality

The aim of this session is to critically examine the potential for enhancing rural sustainability and development through the promotion of gastronomy tourism. Much scholarship examines local food systems as a way to enhance the sustainability of rural landscapes. Less understood are the ways tourism intersects with regional food, sustainability and landscape; this is despite academic and policy recognition of food tourism as a legitimate avenue to strengthen regional identity, sustain cultural heritage, contest fears of global food homogenization and facilitate landscape regeneration. Acknowledging local food as central to the formation of the identity of regional landscapes, we seek papers which grant explicit attention to the role of tourism in promoting localised food systems as one avenue to develop stronger regional landscapes. In the session we hope to grant close attention to rural mountainous landscapes, which can often be particularly vulnerable to social, cultural, economic and geographical isolation.

We invite proposals for papers addressing (but not limited to) the following questions:

  • How are food, culture, identity and tourism entangled within specific landscapes?
  • In what ways might innovation (for example the development of digital identities or the development of new food produce) enhance the touristic potential of regional gastronomy landscapes?
  • How might the promotion of gastronomy within certain landscapes enhance or inhibit a sense of cultural identity and retain cultural knowledge, skills and practices?
  • In what ways do relevant policies inhibit or enable the establishment of touristic gastronomy landscapes?
    How might the establishment of certain touristic gastronomy landscapes ensure (or inhibit) social, economic and environmental sustainability?


de Jong, Anna:
Negotiating sustainability: the potentials of local food promotion through tourism

Fava, Nadia; Garcia, Marisa & Garrido Puig, Romà:
Landscape, Tourism and Public Markets: Girona Province

Herlin-Sarlöv, Ingrid & Tellström, Richard
Deboning the relations between food and landscape and what this mean for a sustainable landscape heritage

Massacesi, Chiara:
The “milky way” of the alpine heritage of malga – Food, culture, identity and tourism in the Dolomites

Sjölander-Lindqvist, Annelie & Skoglund, Wilhelm:
Regional Foodscape and Gastronomy Development – The way forward to rural development in the Swedish‘ periphery?

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