PECSRL 2016 will be held in the European Alps, but addresses all European mountain and upland landscapes, in their more general or specific contexts. We particularly welcome papers on comparative themes related to European mountain areas – be they comparisons between different mountain areas, between mountains and their adjacent areas or between highlands and lowlands – either with a topical or thematic, theoretical or methodological emphasis. We are also looking forward to submissions on topical issues of rural areas in Europe.

PECSRL 2016 – Conference Themes
·    landscapes in times of global and climate change
·    agriculture and regional products
·    tourism landscapes
·    regional development
·    traffic problems between transit and local traffic
·    renewable energy production landscapes
·    settled landscapes between abandonment and overcrowding
·    protected areas
·    physical and ecological landscape processes
·    mountain services for their surrounding regions
·    rural landscape history
·    recent theoretical and/or methodological advances on landscape research