S1: Spatial impacts and socio-economic issues of protected areas in the Alps read more

S2: Promoting traditional cultures and landscapes: the role of regional products in (re)producing identities read more

S3: The Green Infrastructure approach addressed to mountain issues, including the continuum read more

S4: East Asian and European rural landscapes in a globalized world ... read more

S5: Renewable energies in mountain landscapes: conflicts and synergies read more

S6: Connecting landscapes. Reconstructing historical routes and route network dynamics ... read more

S7: Rural landscapes of food and heritage: examining the potentials of gastronomy tourism ... read more

S8: New activities in historic mountain landscapes read more

S9: Energy landscapes: researching, theorizing and illuminating the role of identities and subjectivities read more

S10: Geoparks and geotourism: innovative approaches for regional development and nature protection ... ? read more

S11: Landscape and cultural heritage: the power of case studies read more

S13: The impact of landscape change on landscape-related identity read more

S15: Open spaces in contemporary mountain metropoles. Discussing the landscape as a place ... read more

S17: Towards a cultural landscape of Alpine mass tourism? The landscape impact of tourism ... read more

S18: Methods capturing a landscape’s history read more

S19: Non-mechanized farming. Spatial organization, farming and tenure practices in open field systems read more

S20: Long-term monitoring of rural landscapes in Europe read more

S21: Mountain grazing landscapes caught between abandonment, rewilding and agro-environmental ... read more

S22: Current trends in mountain landscapes read more

S24: Rewilding landscapes for the future – learning from the past read more

S25: Regional development read more

S26: Rural landscape history read more

S27: Landscape and heritage: European and American case studies read more


Submission of abstracts for oral and poster proposals for the organized sessions.

P1: Parks of the future read more

P2: From memories to future. Multi-disciplinary approaches to governing fragile mountain environments read more

P3: Landscape and Cultural Heritage: Defining Communities in Europe and Canada read more

P4: Research results of Rete Montagna on mountain landscape: The Alps in movement ... read more